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Developmental concept
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"Bi-Phase Fusion Technology" (pat. pending) is a revolutionary
new technology that combines the power amplifier's power
section with the amplifier section to achieve an amazing total conversion efficiency rate of 83%*, including the power supply. By comparison, the APS-M300G outperforms the efficiency rates of conventional technologies such as analog at 30%* and digital at 60%*. And the APS-M300G delivers its efficient power while generating little heat thereby reducing the need for large heat sinks or other heat reducing measures that add bulk to the device. The result is an extremely compact design.
*Results obtained through in-house testing.
At the heart of the APS-M300G is a special modulation system that converts the audio signal to 0.2MHz-5.0MHz to gain a higher frequency amplifier section. Combining this with a full resonance high frequency power supply circuit with a fixed frequency of 0.2MHz allows this small amplifier to deliver 160 watts of power. Also, miniaturizing parts like the coil, condenser and transformer opened the door to drastic size reduction of the device.
Combining the amplifier's Bi-Phase circuit system with the full resonance high frequency power supply circuit greatly reduces the number of circuit parts needed in the device thus, allowing for the post card size of the APS-M300G.
Consumes 54watts while delivering 300-watts/8-ohms output power. Harmonic current standards (EN61000-3-2 A14) are not applicable.
The ICs used in the power supply and amplification section have been totally designed, developed and manufactured for specific use with the APS-M300G by Flying Mole Corporation. These circuits provide the utmost in performance in as compact a design as possible.
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