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Flying Mole Corporation was established in November, 2000 and is a maker specializing in the development of custom electronics equipment. It is a high-tech engineering group established by engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have more than 20-years of experience in the development of a wide range of electronics bringing a great number of the most advanced products to the market.
It is our business philosophy and motto to make things "creative, simple and beautiful". More specifically, to develop products which are viable in the 21st century as well as in harmony with nature and environmentally friendly.
Guide to FlyingMole Corporation

Name of company
Flying Mole Corporation
431-1115 Japan, Hamamatsu-shi Waji-cho 5199-1
President SASAHARA Yasumasa
Date established
November 9th, 2000
62 Million Yen
home page address
Number of employees
Subsidiary   Flying Mole Electronics Corporation
4918 Robinhood Ave.,
Temple City, CA 91780-4030
Tel: (310) 787-7280
1. Development, manufacture and sales of equipment and devices for audio systems
(1) Class D digital power amplifiers ( for professional and consumer use)
(2) Class D digital power amplifiers (for car use)
(3) Class D digital power amplifier board modules (built-in power supply, 20W-1kW)
(4) Standard type switching power supply modules (AC input, DC input)
2. Development, manufacture and sales of network system equipment ( for professional, car and consumer use)
*S-port system/Synthesized transmission system of AV signal and power supply
3. Development, manufacture and sales of power electronics products and devices
Switching Power Supply, Power Management System
(1) Motor, laser driver
(2) AC Power Conditioner
(3) Vibration Control, Silencer
(4) Actuator Control
4. Development, manufacture and sales of parts incorporating newly developed heat insulating materials as thermally corrective countermeasures
5. Development, manufacture and sales of OEM products and devices related to the above mentioned items
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