DAD-S30pro:Stereo Digital Power Amplifer


Super Compact & High Sound Quality
Flying Mole's original Bi-Phase PWM for improved sound quality of digital amplifier delivers audiophile-performance. It has been evolved further in DAD-S30pro. The analysis and the linearity to reproduce the subtle signal has been considerably improved through the employment of high frequency for carrier.
Super Strong Power-Supply
DAD-S30pro is equipped with a unique power supply that is three to five times stronger than the conventional. This super strong power supply impacts this model by offering a stable sound picture which results in high definition.
Independent 2 channel Volume Control
Detachable 3-inlets Power Cable
Green Technology
The unit's total electrical efficiency is 80% at maximum output leading to its coolness (turns electricity into power, not heat), low power consumption (saving energy), and thus allowing for its compact body (saving space)
A High Degree of Reliability is achieved
because its dustproof and waterdrop resistant construction makes the unit highly resilient to harsh environments.
Reliable Speaker Terminals
Mounting Adaptors (optional)
(M100-1L, M100-1u, M100-6M)


Rated Output Power 30W x2ch/4Ω
20W x2ch/8Ω
Frequency response 20 - 20kHz (+0dB/-0.5dB) / 8Ω, 1W
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05% (15W/4Ω/1kHz, 10W/8Ω/1kHz)
S/N ratio 98 dB
Input Sensitivity 1V rms
Input Impedance 50kΩ
Power Consumption 14W
Overall Dimensions 134.5(W) x 42(H) x 229(D)mm
5-5/16"(W) x 1-5/8"(H) x 9"(D)
Weight ca.650g (1.4lb)

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