Country Models Magazine Review Month/ Year
Japan New Products in 2006 Audio Accessory   Aug/06
PA-S1/ MA-S160 AV review   Dec/06
CA-S10 stereo   Sep/06
Swing   Aug/06
Audio Plan   July/06
Audio Accessory   May/06
CA-S3 Audio Basic   Jun/06
stereo   Apr/06
mono   Mar/06
Stereo Sound   Feb/06
stereo   Feb/06
Audio Accessory   Jan/06
DAD-M100pro A&V Village   July/04
MJ zoomup   Mar/04
Casacde Series anchordesk   May/04
USA DAD-M310 Positive Feedback Online   Jan/07
AudioXsell   Jan/07
STANDOUT DEMOS! Green Mountain Audio, Flying Mole
CA-S10 SoundStage, USA   Dec/06
CA-S3 SoundStage, USA   Nov/06
Audiophile Voices, USA   Sep-06
Casacde Series Journal of the AES   Oct/04
Full Line Widescreen Review, USA   Sep/04
Casacde Series Sound Stage, USA   Mar/04
DAD-M100pro MSNBC   Sep/05
Positive Feedback, USA   Feb/05
SoundStage, USA   Apr/04
The Stereo Times, USA   Feb/04
UK PA-S1 + MA-S160 Hi-Fi News   Mar/07
CA-S10 Hi-Fi News   Nov/06
CA-S3 hifi World   Jan/07
DAD-M100pro Line UP   Jun/05
Sound on Sound   May/05
Hi-Fi News   Feb/05
Resolution   Dec/04
France MA-S160 Revue du Son 5 Stars Feb/07
CA-S10 Stereo & Image   Oct/06
Revue du Son 5 Stars July/06
CA-S3 Revue du Son 5 Stars Mar/06
Prestige Audio   Feb/06
Diaperson 6 Stars Mar/06
DAD-M100pro Revue du Son 5 Stars Jun/06
Prestige Audio   Sep/04
Germany CA-S3 Image Hifi   Oct/06
Stereoplay   Mar/06
Italy CA-S3 Haute Fidelite   Oct/06
Alta Fedelta' Digitale   Sep/06
Suono   Sep/06
DAD-M100pro Suono   July/06
Greece DAD-M100pro HiTECH   Oct/04
Malaysia DAD-M100pro AudioFile   Feb/05